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April, 7, 2014 AT 9:41 AM

I can either be sitting or driving and the engine will just stop. All electrical is still works. I have to stop and turn the car off and wait for a few minutes and then it will start back up. Some time it happens 3 times in a day or I may go for days before it will happen again. I will not go on the freeway because of this. Any help with this problem will be great.
1995 Ford Explorer limited 6 cyl 4.0l


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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April, 7, 2014 AT 10:55 AM

Intermittent issues can be a pain. You have to test when problem is ongoing. When it stalls, have a helper crank it, while you visually check for spark at the spark plugs. I do realize, if your alone, you will have a tough time trying to do some testing. Plus the engine compartment is probably very hot. Sometimes, I wear gloves when dealing with a hot engine.

You might be able to use a digital multimeter to test for spark at the plug wires. You would still have to have a helper crank it. With the digital multimeter on the mv setting, engine cranking, you touch the red lead to spark plug wires, black lead goes to ground/engine metal. You don't take the plug wire loose and you don't penetrate the insulation, you just touch the wire, you get and inductive reading/bleed through voltage, not sure I worded that correctly. With spark, the reading is around.5 to maybe.7, that is tenths of a volt. If no spark the reading will be trying to bounce off 0. That procedure will work on some makes and models. I don't know about all makes and models?

Usually a digital multimeter is within everybodies means.

Can you check for applicable trouble codes? Can you check proper fuel pressure? An intermittent rpm signal will kill your vehicle dead. I can't be positive of your problem unless you do some testing?

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