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95 Dodge Caravan LE gear position indicator lamp out. What is required to replace bulb?
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Thursday, July 14th, 2011 AT 12:20 AM

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I have to do this from memory from removing many radios for repair and from working on my '95 Grand Caravan. First, there is a plate on top that must be pried up and unsnapped. It's about an inch wide, maybe 12" long, and is slotted, sort of like a vent. It sits right in front of the unit on top with indicator lights. Once that is popped off, you'll see some screws to remove, three I think, that will allow you to lift that indicator light panel up. Unplug that panel and set it aside.

I can't remember if the long panel right behind the windshield has to come off. If it does, it goes from door to door. Pry the back side, (closest to you) up to release all of the snaps, then pull it rearward. You'll have to bend it a little. That will reveal some more screws to remove.

Remove the screws for the "knee blocker" and remove it. That's the panel under the steering column that your knees would hit in a crash. Let it drop to the floor. The parking brake release handle is attached to it but you don't have to take that off. Look up under the steering column to find the gear shift indicator cable. It might look like a piece of fish line with a metal hook on the end. Unhook it. Watch that mechanism and the white plastic tube that string runs in so it doesn't get stretched or broken.

By now you should be able to remove a whole bunch of screws that hold the black cover that goes around the radio and instrument cluster. You'll need a stubby philips screwdriver for two or three under the front of the windshield. Lift that cover off and set it aside. That's what it takes to get to the radio. To remove the cluster, expect to find about four screws along the top and another four along the bottom. There's no speedometer cable to worry about. I can't remember if there are wiring harnesses that must be unplugged after you pull the cluster out or if the cluster unplugs by itself when you pull it out. Pull it slowly so the indicator cable doesn't get damaged. I think something has to be unbolted or disconnected from the steering column to let that assembly lift up when you pull the cluster out.

If you can't figure out which bulb to replace or if it's inaccessible for some reason, I have another cluster here someplace. I'll search for it if need be. The bulbs will be number 194s and will be plugged into black sockets. The part you grab to twist is about 3/8" wide by, ... Oh, ... 3/4" long. Turn it counter-clockwise about a quarter turn until it feels loose, then pull it out. The bulb will pull out of that socket.

When you put the cluster back in and reconnect the string for the indicator, there will be one of three ways to adjust it if necessary. The metal hook it connects to can be bent on some models, some are automatic adjusting. On some, the pointer is on a slide that centers itself after you pull the shift lever all the way down to "1" or put it in park. I think yours has an allen head screw on the left side to make the adjustment.
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Thursday, July 14th, 2011 AT 7:34 AM

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