I HAVE A 1995 G30 5

1995 Chevrolet Van



October, 25, 2012 AT 8:02 PM

I have a 1995 G30 5.7L without air. Was running fine, gassed up, and after a mile or so it just quit. Engine starts, runs fine for a few seconds but then quits. Re[placed fuel filter, checked injectors (replaced filters, gaskets, etc). It starts. There seems to be plenty of gas to the injectors, but it dies after a few seconds. I have limited knowledge of EFI, but I have been told that it could be a weak fuel pump not creating pressure. I rented a tester but the results were not definitive. Any suggestions before I drop the tank and replace the pump? Have already considered blowing it up and/or pushing it over a cliff but ruled those options out. Please help.170 miles from home and need to get this thing running/ Thanks in advance.


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