Having some dying issues cant rack my brain.

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Having some dying issues cant rack my brain anymore. My truck has been dying randomly it sputters out then wont start unless I depress the petal all the way down, today it did it and I had to limp it home, it was spitting out dark smoke, ran really rough and has been fine again. Have been running some diag on the truck the TPS is fine the control module is fine cap and rotor is fine, new fuel filter, has a minor vaccum leak coming from manifold, I am going crazy trying to figure it out, I am pretty savy with cars and I cant think of anything that would be causing this randomly like this, was thinking its a fuel issue maybe the pump or injectors or pressure regulator? Havent gotten that far yet, put 5 hrs of diag in so far now its too late and dark for anymore. Need help asap dont have the money to take it in nor do I want to, but I am a single dad and need my truck

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 AT 4:09 AM

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