95 Silverado 1500 Transfer Case

  • 4 POSTS
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 214,000 MILES

Here it is. I have a 1995 K1500 Silverado. Was pulling my boat
(small/light boat) and a gate started to close as I was going through.
So I hit the gas, then I heard a big clunk/break sound from the
transmission or transfer case. Truck jumped completely out of gear.
When I put it in park there was a grinding from the drive train.
Tried to put it back in gear (Drive) and it would not go in gear but
the MPH gauge would go up to 10 - 15 mph. Returned to Park and the
grinding sound again. So tried to put it in 4WD high and it went in
gear, then put it back to 2WD and worked for a short time (20 sec)
Tried to drive the truck and it made a huge clunking sound underneath,
then jumped out of gear again, but MPH still going about 10 - 15 when
out of gear and setting still. When I ran it for a short period of
time I got up to 35 mph before it kicked out of gear. The
transmission seemed to shift fine until it jumped out. Drained
transfer case fluid and found numerous large flakes (larger than
pepper) of metal shavings in the fluid. The transmission only has
about 55,000 miles and the transfer case has 214,000. The fluid level
was fine in both. Seems to me if the MPH is running and the trans
shifts fine when it does move then it something messed up in the
transfer case. Suggestions?

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 AT 2:42 PM

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