1995 Chevrolet Blazer



March, 9, 2014 AT 1:49 PM

I have an S10 blazer v6 1GNCS13W1S2171481. It's my weekend car and it acts up once in a while. Some days I'll go to start and won't even crank I just hear silence and a click then try again and nothing then again nothing then all of sudden crank boom and starts up great and strong. So let it warm up like usually and then drive for a while then all if sudden it will idle eractilly. Up n down splug. Splugh but never dies or leaves me stranded just idles funny it will do that for about 45seconds then all of sudden snap back to normal and drives fine the rest away. When it idles weird I step on gas and revs up fast and strong but I let off pedal it will rev down back to spluting. So even if I'm at red light never dies just idles weird green light I step on gas and goes fast and strong but doesn't sound crisp as u can hear the spluting but like I say will drive fast and strong. Does this once in a while when out if I let it sit again another few hours it will do again but if I'm driving and going regular day here and there it won't do it. Never leave me stranded just idle crazy. Please help

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March, 10, 2014 AT 7:00 AM

Clean throttle plate on both sides and iac hole with choke cleaner. Then scan for codes an dcheck fuel pressure with a gauge autoparts rent them

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