While driving van shuts down

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While driving van shuts down. Pull over an try restart. Would crank but not start. Noticed had no head lights dash lights dome lights no door chime. Turn signals and Hazards work. Checked all fuses, battrie, battrie cables including grounds and ground strap. Traced all wiring nothing found including going down the column. Replace for grins the ingnition rely on the column and checked the contacts behind the sterring wheel. Van has remote start and an alarm. Set the alarm and it would work but would beep letting me know there was trouble. Disarmed and everything would come on for about 10 secounds. At that time I even tryed starting van, no go. I am a Non for profit organization who helps strugling familys with car repairs. The Organization is Hope Network and I am the Director of the car ministry. Any help would be of the most blessing to me and the family I am trying to help. E-Mail is dberry@fbcraytown. Com look forward to your response. Thank you an May God Bless.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013 AT 5:25 PM

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