Car cut off when put in drive but run fine in park

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 178,456 MILES
When I first got my car I payed for it with cash but when I got it home it was spitting fuel every where so I fix that problem by getting another hose and putting it on it work normal for a couple of daysthen it threw a rod it was threw I admit but I didn't give up on it and send it to the scrap that would be a waste of wasted money so I went and found another car just like mine accept it was a 92 93 and 1.6 liters the motor that was originally in my car was a 1.8 liter fuel injection 4 cylinder toyota corolla so me and a friend gets the motor in there right had to get a new battery we keep the original harness system for my motor in the car and every sensor and sensor plug line up so we gets to cranking it and it starts but when you press the gas it stall out unless you like floored it so I drop the gas tank to find out the way to my fuel pump is under my back seat so I try to get it out the battery is unplugged the fuel pump is unplugged so then im tired of working on it cause it seems like I getting no where then a friend tell me to twist my distributer clockwise and then counter clock wise but mark it so you would know where it was set before you move it and so I did so two days later after I twisted it I went outside and decide to put the car stereo system in and so I put the battery in plug back up the fuel pump and got a boost cause the battery was dead and it crank right up it was cranking before so it was like no surprise to me but when I hit the gas it rev right up no put put off so I put it in reverse and it was acting like a normal car I didn't press the gas but it was moving backwards on it on up a slope no put put off this I was surprise so I took it up the road and down the road a few it was fine this was the first time I drove the car on the new motor it wasn't like fine fine but it would do 60 to 70 miles barely hold the gas going down hill and like 35 to 50 up hill barely holding gas I didn't floor it new motor.2 liters different the computer system I didn't want it to cut off so I press the gas with caution cause I was in the road and I went from first to second to third normal so I take one last trip I know im needing gas so I get where I get in it which was like 1/2 miles up the road and let it sit keep in mind first time driving car on new motor since I thru a rod in the old motor and I get a ride a nd go get 7 dollars in gas spill like a 1.50 to the ground put the rest in the car cranks it up it cranks up fine I barely press gas to be sure I won't dreaming and to see if it was still acting kinda normal no put put off so I went to put it in reverse and then it happen put put off so I was half way in road so I crunk it up again and put it back in reverse and it did it again put put off so I cranked it up its back in the drive way and I press the gas it revs up fine no put put off so I rev it a few more times to be sur its good put it in reverse gets it in the road all the ways go to put it in drive and it does it put put off so I put it in nuetral and I and rev it pretty high and put it in drive and get it going up the road as long a it already rolling its stays crunk or stays in park it stay crunk but when you drive it some and park it and then try to move it from a stand still either way forwards or backwards it cut off as soon as you put the transmission in gear and try to give it gas so when I got it back home and seen it was doing this I went under the hood and twisted the distributer back to where is was and it start doing the cutting off when press the gas barely while in park so I twisted back the other way the way I had it driving on but now it still cut off when placed in drive or reverse and giving gas but some times it dont how do I get it to act and drive normal all the time without me worrying about it cutting off when I pull it out in the road
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Friday, February 18th, 2011 AT 3:31 AM

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It sounds like you are running too lean. Cant take any load. Take plugs out and see what color they are. Whitish tips means too lean. I'm surprised the wiring harness was a match. Maybe you shoud try switching computers?
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 AT 2:26 PM

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