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My Ciera has the 3.1 V6. Last summer it started missing out at highway speed and dying at stop lights. The (so called reputable) shop that I called said it sounded like a bad Computer. I replaced it with a refurb Borg Warner unit from Advance Auto.( I switched the prom to the refurb ECC before leaving the store.) The car continued with the same problems plus at times it goes to very high idle upon startup. Plus the transmission, at times, slips upon takeoff and other times is very sluggish at takeoff. Back in December I had taken it to another "so called" reputable shop where they replaced some vacuum hoses and the camshaft position sensor. This week, for the 1st time, it takes 3-4 tries before it will start. (The car's fuel pump & filter was replaced 5K ago along with air filter, plugs & wires) The CEL must be burned out because thru all this it has lit up. I've been reading that when an ECC is changed that they sometimes need to be re-programmed or flashed, depending on the vehicle year etc. Which was not done. Could this be my problem? (The ECC needing flashed? ) I bought an Actron CP9145 with the proper ALDL cable today but haven't used it yet. Thought I'd check 1st with an expert in the event you have more suggestions on what to look for. Thanks so much !

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 AT 11:47 PM

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