Hello, My 1994 Olds Royale 88 will die out.

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  • 1994 OLDSMOBILE 88
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Hello, My 1994 Olds Royale 88 will die out while driving but will always start right back up. What is ironic is that it dies out in the eaxct same location.- In route to and from work. I live in Nashville TN, and the car mostly dies out while coasting and/or entering/exiting the highways. Also, if traveling normal speed, no coasting, the car will periodically chug like it's going to die out but it doesn't. The check engine light will go on after 10 - 15 mins of driving and then off when car dies out. There are days when it will only die out once or none during my hour drive but other days it will die out 4 times within 15 mins on short rides. A friend mentioned the TPS is bad, but I read your forums and you indicated that the TPS doesn't fault too often on it's own and may be another issue? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you! *Spark plugs and wires were replaced, thinking that was the issue but still having a problem*

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 10:49 PM

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