1994 Mazda Lantis



January, 4, 2011 AT 11:09 AM

Dear Sir,

I would like to your great advise for my car is mazda lantis 1994 ( Auto Transmission gear 1800 CC Gasoline Fuel injection)
I have installed LPG Mixed system on my car therefore it can select someone of fuel between Gasoline fuel and LPG when we drive.
Now my car just have a problem ( Never happing before ) due to whenever I selected Gasoline fuel it can drive only 100 Km/Hr max and valocity of car not running more than this and I monitorred at RPM gauge. RPM of my car is running as 3000 RPM at 100 KM/Hr
But when I use LPG fuel it can running valocity 3000 RPM at more than 100 to 140 KM/hr going up

How can I repair to solve this issue occurrence?
Thanks you.

Any query or need more detailed information.
Could you pls kindly send e - mail to me please.
My e - mail is prawit_cheawnawin@yahoo. Com


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