1994 Mazda b2300



December, 2, 2012 AT 4:50 PM

Man I hope you can help me I have done all I know to do ! I am a mechanic by trade but I think with my truck I am over looking something simple, I may have a job coming up god I hope ! Anyway this thing runs good till it warms up then # 1 and #2 cyl's stop hitting. I pull the wire off on the primary coil pack and have a good flame and bites like a beast! Anyway I pull #1 injector wire and the same but #2 and it acts like it was hitting? Pulling the plug wire does'nt change anything. If you pull the headlights on the R's drop to almost stall. I used to change out the temp sensor once a year for a fix. I have replaced . Oh yeah I could tap on the main relay and it would idle rough so I rewire it out of the box seems ok now with a new one I have cleaned the maf sensor no change. It has new plugs wires timing belt module and ECM. Oh yeah it has no cat our county doesn't inspect yet. This truck came from a used car lot just so you know what I bought myself lol. I noticed the voltage go way up when it started this? When I checked REf volt's at my sensors they were all good. Somthing I need to know does the aux. Shaft have to be timed anywhere when u put on a T-belt? I saw no where to put the mark on the housing? Or does the Cranksensor and module control fire and injector timing? Sir's please help me its the only way I have to go. Thanks john

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December, 2, 2012 AT 6:16 PM

Did you check for vacuum lekages?
How high did the voltage go? Was the alternator tested?

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