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How do u program key fobs

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010 AT 10:47 PM

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Up to 4 Transmitter Identification Codes (TIC's) can be programmed into receiver at any given time.

1. Open driver's door of vehicle. Leave it open through the programming procedure.

2. Move mechanical door lock lever to the LOCK position.

3. Insert ignition key and turn it to RUN position.

4. Turn ignition to RUN position. Within 20 seconds, aim a transmitter at receiver dome and press lock button for at least 5 seconds. Once receiver accepts programming code the driver's door will unlock.

5. Once first transmitter has been programmed, additional transmitters (up to 4) may be programmed into receiver. Within 20 seconds of the previous transmitter programming, move the mechanical door lock lever to LOCK position. Aim another transmitter at receiver dome and press LOCK button for at least 5 seconds. The door lock will cycle again.

6. To lock the programmed codes into the receiver, the ignition must be turned off and back on within 20 seconds after programming the last transmitter's code. At that time, all previous codes are erased from the module.

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