1994 Honda Civic



March, 18, 2013 AT 10:27 AM

The prev. Owner had told me he took the car to Honda tech and they said a new solenoid would smooth out the shifting prob.I asked my friend for a second opinion and he said it had nothing to do with the solenoid. And Ive asked others opinions and the response back has been the solenoid has nothing to do with it. The car engine sounds /feels like its struggling to get in gear I have to drive the car like if it was a Manuel but its an automatic and after I get it in 2nd (past 40)a it feels better; sometimes the rpm go real high just to get there. I get this hard shift and it feels like the trans. Gonna drop, also a hard down shift. When I come to a stop and idling the rpms go up and down but never past 2 1/2(3 sec. Window ). Can the solenoid really be the problem ? Can anyone help me find other possible reasons why my baby is doing this?

1 Answer



March, 18, 2013 AT 10:38 AM

You have internal failure here. Way beyond a solenoid issue.


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