My 94 Ford Ranger got locked in 4 low after I.

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  • 1994 FORD RANGER
  • 215,000 MILES

My 94 ford ranger got locked in 4 low after I pushed the button on the dash to lock it in now it will not come out of 4low. I have replaced the button on the dash, and I have replaced the motor on the transfer case, and tested the module by unplugging it and for the light to blink 4 times I took the motor off and changed the t case to. 2 wheel drive so I can drive it for now, but have no idea after checking all 3 parts why it won't which into 4 wheel drive now, I checked numbed 7 fuse under the hood and under the dash both good, I'm lost can you help. Thanks

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 AT 7:21 PM

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