The car has a locked wheel and it wont.

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The car has a locked wheel and it wont start. It simultaneosly has been slow to start and I have filled the battery because that has solved the starting fast or slow. I am guessing the KEY WONT TURN (BEING THE --ONLY PROBLEM) in the ignition because of the water level in the battery. Do you have any ideas who I should call? I am at the Niddrie Library Car park. Electrician, Locksmith, Mechanic? Could it be linked with the clutch I know I drove my Dads car once when the clutch was related to the brakes suddenly coming on by themselves when I was going slowly up a hill and the car was a sigma 84. Would there be oil that is used for the clutch. In fact SHOULD I CHECK that the car has steering oil and any other oil, brakes oil. > IGNITION SUBJECT

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 11:33 PM

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