1994 Ford E-Series Van



July, 25, 2011 AT 6:08 AM

Hi, I have a 94 ford econoline, e150. Recently I noticed the engine idolling funny when the ac is on. With just the vent on its fine. Also when the ac is on the clutch on the ac compressor spins and stops( and clicks) ever 5 to 10 seconds. I replaced the blower motor on it, because it went bad, replaced the blower motor relay, and another ac component similiar to the relay( maybe a switch), and checked fuses both in the distribution box and inside the van. I got it tested and the freon level was good. Do you know what it could possibly be? Thanks

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July, 25, 2011 AT 8:36 AM

Constant cycling of the cimpressor is either low charge, or the low pressure switch, ususlly on the reciever/dryer

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