When car sits for 20-30 minutes after ignition.

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When car sits for 20-30 minutes after ignition turned off and engine was at operating temp. It is hard to start 10-15 cranks before starting. If started when hot as soon as turned off it will start within 1 crank. Fuel pressure is good at 40lbs when running and will be 35 lbs after sitting for 30-45 minutes. Have no injectors leaking, vacum hose on fuel preassure regulator does not have gas in it. The odd thing is I can turn car off at operating temp and immediately open gas cap on tank and relieve fuel pressure with a fuel preassure gauge and let sit for 30-45 mintues, car will start like it should in 1 crank again with all fuel pressure relieved. Can you help

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 AT 4:19 PM

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