Is it my IAC valvle?

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I have been having my car high idling and it is going consistently about 2k rpms when at idle. However, on the advice of one of your tech's, I checked for vacuum leaks and couldn't detect any. All of the hoses look good and I don't hear any hissing. I did also check the IAC valve and it was pretty coked up. I wiped it clean and pulled the pin out so that it would cover the air hole up. When I tried to start the car, it almost didn't want to start. Only after giving it gas, did the car begrudgingly start. She wanted to die right away but I turned on the AC and she started correcting herself and idled at a much more normal rpm range. I then decided to take her for a ride around the block and found that as I took corners or came to a stop, she almost wanted to die as the rpms would drop to the very low hundreds. She would seem to "wake up" just as she was about to die though. After my run around the block, I let her idle and she was running about 700 to 800 rpms. Again, much more normal. However, as soon as I turned her off and started her up again, she started up with 1.5k rpms again and won't go down. I have done this twice now and both times she will self correct, when I turn on the AC but as soon as I turn her off, she goes back to idling way too high. Is this a bad IAC valve?

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012 AT 10:34 PM

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It could be. It could also be a clogged EGR valve.

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012 AT 10:36 PM

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