1994 Cadillac SLS



November, 13, 2012 AT 12:18 AM

When starting the car, the electronic gauge for the heat and AC, will show, for a few seconds, 75 degrees temp, and then FREEZES on no temp. Number, and ANY buttons pressed, do not show any change. The defog light stays on yellow, but does not do anything. No blower, hot or cold, or ANY activity is noted, when any button(s) is/are pressed.
I took the dash apart, got another instrument cluster and installed it, the same thing happened, exactly, nothing works ON THAT RIGHT SIDE, where the temp. Controls are.
Everything else, on the left side of the cluster, speedometer (analog) works fine, radio and lighter too.

Money is an issue here, what can I do, or a friend who's more mechanically inclined, do, to diagnose what is needed, and just change the damaged part.

Thanks, Danny


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