1993 V6 LE manua 5 speedl, transmission hard to shift into gears.

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This problem of being difficult to shift has been getting worse, meaning when I depress the clutch and it has been very stiff since I purchased the car last march 2013 it doesn't seem to want to go into gear very good 1st, 2nd are hard to seem to get into gear at all now 3rd grinds almost every time, 4th gear is also hard to get to go into gear, 5th is the same and reverse is also somewhat difficult. Now with the car turned off and not using the clutch it will go into almost any gear with no problem. I replaced the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and bleed the line really well, but after a couple of months even the fluid it already darkening up. Also the clutch fork doesn't seem to look like its going back and forth very well. I took it to a repair shop 5 months ago and they didn't even drive it and said its the clutch that needs replaced. The auto parts store told me its probably not the clutch. Is there a diagnostic like code reader that would tell me if its the clutch, throwout bearing, syncros, Etc. Any ideas on what may be causing this issue.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 AT 10:40 PM

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If your having trouble getting into every gear then I would suspect the clutch ISnt fully release when you press the clutch. Probably a worn pressure plate.
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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 AT 11:34 PM

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