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I have a 93 Corolla that has 138k miles. It has normally been running great (has always had good maintanence). I have noticed, it was really resisting my key when I was trying to start it for the past two weeks or so ( I have a bunch of keys on the ring). A few days ago I went to start it and it would not start. I thought it was the battery, so I replaced it to no avail. The power comes on when I go to start it, but it doesn't repond. After I turn it a dozen times or so, it starts. Once it has been running it starts with no problem, it just is troublesome with cold start. I'm not sure if it might be the ignition switch, the starter or solenoid.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 AT 2:29 AM

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Check the grounds at the battery and the strap on the cable to the fender ground.

If they are ok, the starter may be bad.


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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 AT 2:34 AM

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