1993 Nissan Altima



October, 22, 2013 AT 5:20 PM

Hey guys, I'm going to try and be as descriptive as possible. About 6 months ago a bought a 93 nissian altima for dirt track racing, I am not a car guy but bought it cause I really wanna learn. The current engine that was I'm the car was blown but the guy gave me a second engine that wasn't. I had help and replaced the engine and go the car to start turning over but no spark was coming out. My father in law told me check all fuses spark plug wires etc still nothing. Again I asked my father in law he said I could run a wire directly from the battery to the positive on the coil I did so and got spark but only while I rubbed the wire against the battery terminal. Me being the genius I am thought hey maybe I can do the same thing to the negative terminal. The first time I turned the key it did infact get juice no start I hit the key a second time then the engine made sort of a whine down sound and now will no longer start I am lost and need some direction please help


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October, 23, 2013 AT 10:08 AM

check above link for more information.

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