I just bought this car off my father in law

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  • 1993 LEXUS ES 300
  • 111,653 MILES

I just bought this car off my father in law. He has taken pretty good care of it. When I first bought it it had a misfire which I cured by getting a good tune up on it. Along the mechanic checked the pressure in the cylinders and all checked out good however, I brought it in for an oil change mind you, no oil leak before. And I picked the car up and started smoking a little bit from the front manifold beside the oil filter. I have a couple hunches that it could be oil leaking onto a hot exhaust causing it to smoke possibly from the oil sending unit or maybe the pcv valve needs to be replaced. But before I do anything I want your advice.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 AT 2:59 AM

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