Batt replaced now beeping

  • 1993 JAGUAR XJS
  • 6 CYL
  • 24,000 MILES

I have the same issue as this previous question on my 1993 xjs automatic convert. The suggested solution did not work. Help please. I have no remote either.

1993 Jaguar XJS security system beeping
1993 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Manual 63800 miles. My battery went dead and my security system started beeping and I could not shut it off. I replaced my battery and the security system will not stop beeping until I disconnect from the battery. How do I stop the beeping? I do not have the key less entree device.

Asked by 2CarPros-Archives
Replied on December 21, 2010

Close all doors and lock-unlock drivers door with the key.

Answered by 2CarPros-Archives (expert)
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