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1993 Isuzu rodeo mileage: 107,000. I recently took the transmission with the transfer case out to change the clutch in my wife’s rodeo. I put a new pilot bearing in, rear main, had the two-step flywheel turned, put in the new clutch, pressure plate-with attached throw out bearing, lined the clutch with an alignment tool and then was ready to put in the transmission and transfer case assembly. The problem is that I could not get the transmission-transfer case to go back where it came. I do not own a transmission jack and used two jacks to support it. I had the transmission only an inch away but cannot seem to get it into place. I tried putting it in gear and turning the spline hoping it would slide in or line up with the top pins where the motor is but I could not get the thing to do what I wanted it to. I have never experienced such a pain in the butt job as this one. I even made sure the pilot bearing fit on the shaft before putting it in. I also tried lifting and lowering the motor but the transmission transfer case would not go in! One of the problems is that it is so lop sided--and heavy that you cannot shift it easy to where you want it. I would be forever grateful if you could give me some avenues to work with and or some tricks or methods I could try to get this thing back together! I could have changed my motor twice in the time I have been working on this. You guys were recommended as the ones that may be able to give me some advice. Thank you for considering my question.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 AT 8:20 AM

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Assuming you took the new clutch disk and slipped it onto the input shaft of the transmission making sure the splines were correct, remove the transfer case from the transmission. With the transfer case separated from the transmission, the reinstallation of the transmission will be much easier. Once the transmission is close to being installed, use extra-long bell housing bolts to aid in the alignment of the transmission. Do not use the bolts to draw the transmission into place. After the transmission is bolted up securely, reattach the transfer case.

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 AT 8:41 AM

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