No fuel pressure I have tested.

  • 11,500 MILES
No fuel pressure

I have tested the 2 relays by the passenger side front render both click when key is turned to run 1 has 2 hot wires 1 relay has 1 hot wire

I have checked the inertia switch located in trunk and tested it with a power light and have no power on either wire not sure if inertia switch is ground break or power break so do not know if it should have power

I have disconnected what I belive to be the 4 prong connecter to the fuel pump just in front of the rear bumper as it is the only wire's around the fuel tank and have no power at any of the 8 wires (4 from each side as I do not know witch side is witch)

I have tested fuse number 18 (as well as all fuse's in fuse box) none are bad with key in run position.

tried flipping the same part number relays located on passenger side front fender as they are same part number to see if fuel pump runs and noting

I have power on one relay on one wire

and power on two wires on the other relay with key in run position for both
Thursday, April 4th, 2013 AT 1:48 AM

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Power for the pump is for 2 seconds with the key on. Test power at the inertia switch as the key is turned on. If there is, then the pump has failed

Was this
Thursday, April 4th, 2013 AT 9:58 AM

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