When I got the van it had 89000 miles

  • 120,000 MILES
When I got the van it had 89000 miles. When I went to change the brake pads I found the piston on the left caliper had a trianglular piece broken out of the edge. About 5/8 of an inch on all sides. Up to that time I had no brake problems that I new about. One day I took a ride about 100 miles and when I arrived the left wheel was HOT and smoking. Brake pads were dragging. Replaced caliper and pads, caliper had same piece broken out of piston. Same area of piston, aligned with spindle.I have replaced rotor and calipers at least 3 times and am now going to garage to replace it all again. All pistons have piece broken out in the exact same place, aligned with spindle. After replacing every thing new, brakes work ok for awhile but eventualy start to drag after brakes applied. Rotor, caliper and pads are becoming exspencive. If pistons were made from steel like they were they would not break. One caliper lasted one week. But changed right away so I saved the rotor.
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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 AT 12:39 PM

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I need you to check something. Safely lift the front of the vehicle and see if you can spin the left wheel. If you can, have a helper apply the brakes. The wheel should stop. Have the helper release the brakes and the wheel should spin. If it doesn't, break the bleeder loose to release pressure. If the wheel spins then, replace the rubber brake line hose. They sometimes go bad on the inside and allow pressure to go one way, but prevents it from returning to the MC. When that happens, the brakes stick.
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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 AT 2:07 PM

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