1993 Chevrolet Truck



November, 23, 2010 AT 5:07 AM

I had not planned on removing the distributor just to change the pickup coil, my eye sight not good, blind in one and have very blurred vission other, willl need pictures to see how it is assembled, surely this can be installed without removing distributor, course it would be easier to instatl but then I would have extra trouble restabing and retimimg motor on top it all.


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November, 23, 2010 AT 5:19 AM

What's the reason you trying to get to the distributor pick-up coil? No spark-could be the coil or the ECM in the distributor


Dr Loot

November, 23, 2010 AT 5:29 AM

It will be much easier to remove the distributor specially if you can not see, don't be scared just remember which way the rotor is pointing, and the base of the distributor you can mark on the engine and distributor before removal
Disconnect negative battery terminal. On TBI models, remove air cleaner assembly. On 4.3L Turbo PFI models, drain and remove charge air cooler radiator. See CHARGE AIR COOLER (4.3L) under TURBOCHARGER. Remove upper intake manifold assembly.
On all models, disconnect electrical connectors to distributor. Remove distributor cap and move out of the way. Remove distributor hold-down bolt and hold-down clamp. Note position of rotor. Pull up slightly on distributor until rotor stops turning counterclockwise and again note position of rotor. Remove distributor from engine. CAUTION: Although similar in appearance, components of HEI/EST distributors are NOT interchangeable. See Fig. 10-Fig. 13. Disassembly & Reassembly
Disassembly procedure is not available from manufacturer. SeeFig. 10-Fig. 13 for exploded views of distributors.
When reassembling, ensure pick-up assembly arm is correctly installed on pin. If not, arm can float and cause ignition timing to vary. To prevent corrosion, lubricate terminals with petroleum jelly before installation.
To prevent heat damage, coat bottom of module and module rest pad in distributor housing with silicone grease. Before installing roll pin in driven gear, ensure timing mark on roll pin and rotor tip align. See Fig. 10-Fig. 13.
To install, reverse removal procedure. To insure correct timing of distributor, install with rotor correctly positioned as it was before distributor was removed.
If engine was cranked after distributor was removed, remove No. 1 spark plug. Place finger over No. 1 cylinder spark plug hole. Crank engine slowly until compression is felt. Align timing mark on pulley to "0" on engine timing indicator. Turn rotor to point to cylinder No. 1 spark plug tower on distributor cap. Complete distributor installation. Start engine and check ignition timing

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