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I have a 1993, 3.1L Cavalier RS with an engine swap (Note: original transmission has over 200K miles) from a 3.1L Malibu that I think was made somewhere in between 95'-97'. According to the Internet, the Malibu's engine is 3 cubic inches more than the Cavaliers that I previously had in it. Now let me get to the reason I why I'm telling you guys this;

After the engine swap, my kickdown cable was damaged and frayed up, which caused the car to shift at around 5 grand, or most of the time, not shift at all. The mechanic knew what it was instantly, and took the kickdown cable off of the throttle. He told me to order a new one. I have been looking everywhere, the internet and every auto store in town, yet nobody has one. On top of that, the junkyard doesn't normally have the Cavalier from 92'-96'.

1.) Do I get the kickdown cable for the Cavalier or Malibu?
2.) If the engines are different sizes, will the kickdown cable also be a different size?
3.) Is there any way to rig the cable to make it work? (I don't know how badly damaged it is, but it feels pretty bad).

Thank you for your time

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 8:58 PM

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