Toyota Celica starting problems

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Have 1992 Toyota Celica. 2200 cc 16 valve with 172K miles, 5 speed

It has problems starting after it has ran and is warmed up. This is after an hour of driving or more. It doesn't have problems starting when I go short distances, like 10 miles, or leave it
sit and cool down for several hours before starting.

When I turn the key on, the engine turns over, I push on the gas, the engine chugs then dies. It seems like the engine is not getting gas. So I'll pump the gas then turn the key again, sometimes it starts, but usually not. I'll have to wait 20 minutes or so before it will start. This is not a flooding problem, there is no gas smell, the engine will not even attempt to start (no chugging) if I do not pump the gas.

When it does start, after the 20 or so minutes, I have to pump on the gas continously while turning the engine over. It sputters for a few seconds, starts, and then runs like normal. I don't have any problems after it starts, until it is turned off again. I have to let it cool down to not have this problem between starts.

I can park on a hill and compression start it, and it takes off.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 AT 5:33 PM

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