1992 Honda Accord



March, 18, 2011 AT 6:54 AM

Why are only the passenger side disc brake pads wearing down and the driver's side are hardly worn?

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March, 18, 2011 AT 7:23 AM

Jack the front end off the ground, have a helper press the brake pedal lightly, then see if you can rotate the left tire by hand. If you can, remove the wheel, then open the caliper's bleeder screw and see if any fluid comes out with no pedal pressure, light pressure, and hard pressure. If fluid only flows with hard pressure, look for any metal brackets crimped around the rubber hose. I don't know if your model uses them but if it does, rust can build up inside that crimp and squeeze the hose closed. Normally you will have a brake pedal that is too high and too hard. That will also keep that brake from releasing so I doubt that is the problem. If no fluid comes out even with hard pedal pressure, look if you have four or two steel lines coming out of the master cylinder. If there are four, there may be a valve that tripped in the master cylinder. GM is famous for that. The clue is you also won't get any fluid from the right rear brake. To reset that valve, give short quick burst of compressed air into the left front bleeder screw, then let it gravity bleed to get the air out.



April, 10, 2011 AT 12:00 AM

Conditions that may cause your pads to wear out sooner than expected include: * Hardware may be causing the pads to not move freely. This can cause premature wear as the pads may be in constant contact with the rotor. It could also be a malfunctioning caliper.
* Caliper slides that are binding or seized can cause this condition.
* Caliper slides should be removed cleaned and lubricated (and replaced if corroded).
* Installing new pads on an unfinished rotor will significantly decrease the life of the pads.
* Rear brakes that are not working efficiently will cause the front brakes to work harder, causing premature wear to the front pads and rotors.

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