My Explorer runs very well most of the time.

  • 206,000 MILES
My Explorer runs very well most of the time, but sometimes it will run rough and stall in the middle of the day after several stops and starts of the engine. It always starts like a champ in cold weather (live in Delaware) and at the beginning of any day. But if I run around town on a warmer day, and stop and start between errands, it will eventually give me a very rough start and will stall unless I can get moving and keep the gas flowing for a good 10 or 15 seconds. Then it smooths right out and doesn't give me any more trouble until have to stop the engine and start again. It is okay at traffic lights once it gets past the rough start. On those days I just make sure that I park in a place that allows me to move right away when I start (i.E, pull through parking spaces).

This has happened intermittently for a couple of years. I mentioned it to my service guys once, but they couldn't find a cause. It gets regular service at a Ford dealership that I trust. I probably just need to mention it again, but would like to have some ideas when I do.

Would really appreciate any ideas you have. THANKS!

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Check the idle control valve on top of the manifold. Common failure.

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