Changed Oil Pump - Now the Car doesn't go more than 20-30 mph, Why?

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Ok. Long story so bear with me.

I got this vehicle, which used to be my dad's, and the oil light would flicker when the car was sitting at a light and the car was warm. So I mentioned to a friend who has worked on his own cars for years and he thought that the oil pump might be going out.

I bought a replacement oil pump from AutoZone and we took the old oil pump out and installed the new oil pump. When I was removing old oil pump I accidentally moved the gears and when I installed the new oil pump the gears were 180 degrees out of phase. So my friend took the pump out again and installed it correctly.

I stopped last night to pick up the car but the car started strangely. It stalled the first time I turned the key to start it. When I pulled out on the road the car did not want to accelerate more than 30mph and when I came to a stop sign the car wanted to stall out. So I decided to turn around and take the car back to my friend. When I put it in reverse and applied the brake to shift gears and the car stalled out. I tried restarting it three to five times and it wouldn't start. I waited a minute and restarted the car and drove by to my friends house. I had to press the gas pedal harder than I have ever had to do before to keep the car from restalling again. Going up a hill I was loosing speed, it went from 30 down to 15mph.

I am just wondering if the timing belt needs to be adjusted or was the oil pump not sychronized correctly with the timing belt and distributor? Anyone have any thoughts? PLEASE HELP!
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have the same problem?
Thursday, October 20th, 2011 AT 1:11 PM

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You probably got the valve timing off-recheck/verify it and then get back-
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Friday, October 28th, 2011 AT 9:05 AM

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