1992 Chrysler Imperial



May, 19, 2011 AT 12:52 AM

My 92 chrysler imperial has issues. Recently it began not being able to start unless it was primed with starting spray, then it runs fine til you turn it off. Also, the headlights and interior lights and guages dim and sometimes go out, other times the guages needles just flutter- we assume this is a short under the dash, cuz if you hit the dash it comes back on. So, after having a mechanic look at it, we decided to take it to an electrical specialist for the wiring problem, but all systems checked out fine when it comes to the starting issue. It just wont prime itsself enough to start. So, we bought a new battery (we needed one)and all of a sudden the car starts every time no problem, and runs awesome, but the guages still flutter on the dash. So after driving it for a week, I went out to start it and it wont start, not even with the starting spray. I did notice the smell of gas a couple days ago- is it possible my fuel pump went out?


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August, 17, 2011 AT 9:10 PM

Have you solved it yet? Was there a leak in a line?

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