For the past few days, everytime I drive my car.

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For the past few days, everytime I drive my car for about 20 miles, it starts to shake violently and then shut off. The only time it ever did this before now, the temperature gauge told me it was overheating before it shut off on me (middle of the gauge). Now, it isn't doing that. It has the signs of overheating, but the temperature gauge tells me it's normal.
Just recently, I had the brake lines flushed and new brake pads and rotors put on the car, as well as new spark plugs. I have not checked the thermostat and I do not know if that has ever been replaced on my car. The transmission fluid in it is really old, too, so I'm wondering if that could be a problem as well.

I know I have a head gasket leak that I haven't had the money to repair yet, but I'm not sure if it's internal or external. (I can see the leak running down the front of the engine block, so I guess it's external and that's why my oil isn't milky.) However, I have been losing antifreeze coolant somewhere in the engine. I am sure that leak is an internal one because the only liquid I've seen on the engine block is oil.

I've been cleaning it off as much as I can, which seemed to help, but now nothing I do is making the car stop shutting off everytime I drive her for a while.
It always shuts off when I am braking and turning sharply. It shakes and then shuts off.
Monday, April 1st, 2013 AT 11:04 PM

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If you have milky oil, you are most likely getting coolant into the engine. My guess it the head gasket is causing the problem.
Was this
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 AT 2:36 AM

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