1992 Cadillac Deville



December, 4, 2012 AT 5:31 PM

My 92 cadillac deville has been running low on antifreeze. I didn't think much of it then a bigger problem occured and my oil was leaking. So I took it in to the shop to get a oil change/ check and it turns out my oil coolant lines needed to be replaced along with a moter mount. So I only got the lines fixed because that is all that I could afford at the time. So I was scheduled to ge the mount fixed when one day I was checking my oil and noticed a creamy brown is color on the oil cap. Looks like that is were my antifreeze has been doing. Apparently this is acquired because there was not antifreeze present during my oil change I guess or the mechanic would of caught it and now I'm too afraid to drive it and I keep hearing terrible things about it being a head gasket issues that can not be fixed on my car due to the motor type. Please help (4.9 engine)

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December, 4, 2012 AT 7:57 PM

Yes headgasket failure DO NOT keep driving or severe damage will result to engine if not already

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