My check engine light has been on since I.

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My check engine light has been on since I purchased car.(Didn't know much then, but been studing a lot since) This was since early april this year. I used key from autozone, to check the
ALDL connector(A & B)for trouble codes, and I got these: 17, 41, and 58. My physical symptoms I
is I notice while idle, it has a noticable sort of big vibration from engine area, every 10-15 secs or so, give or take.
It used to stall at light, but noticed since I use a reputable gas station, its been a long time. Anyways, I searched on the net about these codes, and 17 & 41 confuses me because different
sources say different things, but for the most part seems to be pointing to a faulty cam sensor, and the code 41 is super confusing. Sources say cam, and at times, say crank signal not received by ECM in "X" amount of seconds. As well as, they say it could be a "faulty" Mem-cal or prom. Not sure which it is. Can someone please help break through the confusion here? Also have a code 58. Anyone know where on the transmission this TFT sensor is located? Also, if it is the prom and/or memcal, could it cause all this codes? Sorry long.

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Sunday, December 30th, 2012 AT 9:39 PM

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