Have had frustrating problem with my 80series.

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Hi have had frustrating problem with my 80series landcruiser, it base model 3f carby petrol engine, the engine does not blow or burn oil, is very quiet, compression test show 180psi in every pot, carby has no issues except float level very high, last week wife and I drove down a slight decline on grass crossing over to petrol station from shops, a well used road condition short cut just mowed grass area, then half way to other side car started stalling spitting and farting I tried excellerating yet had no effect at all, it sat stationary for half a minute idaling like that so I turned it off, gave couple minutes and retried starting but was turning over but had no interest in fireing up, I stopped cos engine smelt of fuel flooded, called rac and they done basic checks from coil to points dissy, I sor spark in points but nothing was sparking out of leads. Got towed home, mechanic came out next day I told him symptoms, he recon coil or old dissy, lucky enough I had brand new electronic dissy a normal aftermarket conversion for 3f and 2f cruiser motors, with new coil and plugs to suit, mechanic pulled old dissy etc out and put in new replacement (i was hoping he would of done an electrical check with old set up first!)He connected it up and it started straight away, idled great, we took for test drive and it felt very low in engine power and response, had to put excelerator down way further to get to speed that normaly would be around quarter of excellerater movement on pedal, be she was running, mechanic and I got back and he was not sure how to get power I had back cos he said everything is set up right eg, timing, dwell etc, paid him and that was it. Couple hours later my wife and kids decided to do a shop so we all got in the cruiser, I turned the key and wouldnt start same as it did previously when I turned it off when it was playing up, it would turn over but not fire up, called mechanic and he said getting no spark to plugs when he checked it again, same senario as with point system that was taken out, he said the new module is knackered must of shorted out, some how?I have bought new module now and cost me $100 I can put it in my self but dont wish to burn that out to, he checked battery and said its holding to much nearly 13v and that is after trying to start car up for a while and stated it should be alot lower after trying to start up engine for so long, the alternater is only 4years old and have not been off road for over 4years cos been restoring her as I go being our daily runner, ow yea rac man tested point system coil and said has too much resistance not 100% sure what that means or what causes it let alone if that is part of the whole problem?My phone number is 0450036204
i live on the gold coast in qld and I and my family could realy do with your help, not very confident with mechanics we have had here so far, I am going to at least arrange auto electrican to try to fix problem but cannot affored to replace another module ontop if they burn out the new module I have just bought pluss there repair price call out fee etc, please help.
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 10:03 AM

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Have the alternator and charging system tested. If alternator is overcharging, it can damage electrical components.
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 12:33 PM

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