So my wife left the lights on a few days ago and.

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So my wife left the lights on a few days ago and ran down the battery. When I tried to jump start it the car had no power (no lights, no turning over, everything dead). After looking around I found the 80 Amp alternator fuse was blown. I had been meaning to replace the starter for a while, so I went ahead and replaced both the starter and the alternator (as well as the fuse). I also charged the battery and as soon as I connected the battery cables, the fuse blew again. Next, I replaced the battery and with the new battery, I regained power, and the fuse did not blow. I also checked all of the above mentioned components with a voltmeter, as well as the ground.

Now the car has power and the starter works great, but I have no combustion. Upn further looking around, I found a 7.5 amp fuse labeled "charge" and a 15 amp fuse labeled "EFI" were blown. I replaced them, but didn't get combustion. They did not blow again. I sprayed starter fluid into the induction and tried to start it to rule out a fuel issue, but still didn't get combustion.

My question is what is next? Or what could the shorted/bad battery or alternator have killed along the way? It seems to be an ignition problem, but could it have killed the ignition control module or is it more likely to be a ignition coil or distributor?
Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 AT 6:41 PM

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Are you sure you did not cross the cables when you tried to juump it?

Keep checking all the fuses. See if there are any fusible links by the fuse box or battery and check them

Was this
Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 AT 7:14 PM

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