My son has a 1991 Toyota Camry with about 176k.

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My son has a 1991 Toyota Camry with about 176k on it. It was running great but on the way home from work the other night it lost power to the transmission in all gears. He pulled over, shut the car off, turned it back on, then it has transmission gears again. He would drive a bit. Lost power again few more times, but every time he turned it off and on again, it would regain tranny power. He made it home. Well, the next day it drove good again with nothing wrong in any gear. Strange. Then we discovered it seems to be at night when the headlights are on when the power is lost. This sounds so strange but I'm wondering if this sounds familiar to you and if you have an idea of what it may be? Do you think it could be the alternator? Well, we sure need to get if fixed. If it's something quick and easy and you know what it may be, I'd love to try to fix it myself. If you don't mind throwing any ideas my way.


Saturday, December 8th, 2012 AT 8:14 AM

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Check fluid and take to a trans shop

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Saturday, December 8th, 2012 AT 4:37 PM

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