High Idle Still?

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I follow your suggestions, but I'm still having the high idle here is what is going on.

ok got my 91 navajo running finally put new external fuel pump (summit 45lbs) but it acasionally just shuts off or goes week. Lots of fuel pressure around 35-45 lbs. This same thing use to happen to my 91 xlt so I just put a switched jummper wire from the fuse box to the hot on the fuel pump when the light went out on the switch I would flip it off and run fine.

My question is? I thare a signal that tells the pcm to cut power to the fuel pump if it exceeds max psi?

Also when it is running it idles around 1300 rpm. The codes I get are 12, 13. Idle speed control. Reading high and low. Only other thing I notice is at the shrader valve the pressure bleeds off kinda slow lots of air pressure not much gas. New filter. New autolite plugs and wires. New tps. New temp sensor. Cleaned the iac.

Also when I take off it runs good for about 100 feet then bogs down I have to put it in neutral to get it to come back to speed then slowly give it throttle to get up to speed and heaven forbid there are any steep hills along the way.

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, February 26th, 2011 AT 4:30 AM

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