Car doesnt start

  • 1991 HONDA CIVIC
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 170,000 MILES
While my car is on when I hit the brakes it dies.
when I go to turn it over everything cuts out and its like the battery is died but when I leave it alone everything comes back on. Also if I have the key in the ignistion but not on when I hit the brakes everything cuts out.
ive gotten it pushed started once and while I was driving when I hit the brakes the lights cut out but turn back on right after.
i thought it was my alternator but I tested it by pulling the negitive cable to the battery while the car was running and it stayed on, I heard its an easy way to tell if its your alternator, but im not sure. The problem started one day while I was trying to start my car, I was turning it over and right before it started everything cut out and it was like it was completly died, it made a noise like a fuse blowing but I checked the fuses and I cant find the problem.
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Thursday, December 9th, 2010 AT 12:16 AM

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Hi i'm not a mechanic or anything but I have a 1993 honda accord 4cylinder. And i'm having the same problem as you its been like this for a week now. The batteries fine but while driving not but 2-5 mintues later I hit the brakes everything goes dim and the car dies out unless I get off the brakes and park the car and rev the engine to send a charge to the battery.I already found the problem to my car and its getting fixed today. Which is my alternator and its suppose to be the positive that you pull off the battery to test the alternator to test it this is my second alternator the first one came with the car and when I disconnect the postive it would shut right off. My second alternator when I disconnect the positive from the battery it stays on but it does a jerking motion like it wants to cut off and its not suppose to do that. Which means my alternator is going bad its only holding half a charge enough for the car to drive but when you start using other accessories with that it dies out. Plus the second alternator was used from a junk yard so I expected that anyway. I hope this helps and both our cars are up and running soon =) and I could use anyones adivce tooo thanx
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Saturday, December 11th, 2010 AT 3:16 PM

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