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  • 1991 FORD LASER
  • 190,000 MILES

Mine is a 1.6litre carby engine with 5 speed manual. My quarter motor started playing up like it is jamming on the armature, so I temporarily used the old var with a hammer remedy which worked, but not always immediately. During this time I've noticed that if I pull up, put the car in neutral and then stop it, it starts fine every time! Could this actually be being caused by a faulty neutral switch? Thanks I haven't been able to find much else other than that it's the starter motor. Butt that seems unlikely given what happens if I shut the car off as I said. CONFUSED! If you can answer this I will donate, I've already paid for 2 unhelpful answers so I will happily donate the money I save with a correct answer! :-D

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 AT 12:38 PM

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