I OWN A 1991 1

1991 Ford Escort



February, 16, 2013 AT 6:16 PM

I own a 1991 1.8L DOHC Ford Escort GT.
I recently snapped the ALTERNATOR V BELT off and I need to replace it.
I've noticed that the SERPENTINE BELT needs to come off in order to put the new ALTERNATOR V BELT on. I need to know how to do this. My friend and I cannot seem to find the BELT TENSIONER to loosen SERPENTINE BELT to get it off to put on the new belt.
All the diagrams I've seen for a 1991 Escort GT for the SERPENTINE BELT are all TOO complicated as they dont match my car.
I would like as much information as possible please. Pretend like your talking to a 12 year old. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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