My engine sometimes hesitate, stall, choke.

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My engine sometimes hesitate, stall, choke, cough, stutters when the engine is hot. When I first start up the car runs like a brand new van. After driving for like an hour or two or a real example is I drove 97 miles straight on the hwy and when I reached my destination and got off the interstate, the van almost went dead as I was getting off the ramp on the the street. I let off the gas and the engine regained its composure. I got to the light and no problem, but the next light I turned right and it kinda coughed and choked like it was not getting any gas, again I backed off the accelerator and it recovered and had no more problems. I reached my destination and was there for an hour. I got in the vehicle drove and when I reached the corner and turned right it stalled and again I let off the pedal and it recovered. Got on the interstate and as I was excelerating I could feel it missing but it kinda jerked but did not go dead. Got off after a couple miles and at the end of the exit made a right turn and the vehicle went dead. I have new plugs, new wires, new gas tank, new fuel filter, new air filter, new muffler and tail pipe. Last year I changed the relay switch, and rotor, and rotor cap. Cant figure this one out. My mechanic thinks that the fine grains rust grains that was in the previous tank may have ruined the fuel pump but I have two fuel pumps on that van and one cost about a hundred and the one in the tank cost about $40, I changed both earl part of this year. Let me know what u think.

Friday, December 21st, 2012 AT 10:58 PM

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