Why is my check engine light back on?

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So I took my car to the shop because it cut-off on me twice while I was driving on the freeway. The steering wheel locked and the engine cut off but the radio was still on and the check engine light was on. I put the car in park turned it off and it restarted just fine. I drove maybe for 20 mins and then it cut-off again check engine light on. Again I put the car in park turned it off and it restarted just fine. Mechanic said one of my spark plug wires was melting, that's why my car cut-off and the check engine light on. He suggested this time I get high performance wires so they can withstand the heat since I've had that problem before. I did just that, I've had my car a couple days now and the check engine light is back on and my car is shaking while I drive not a lot but a suttle shaking, like a chugging shake.
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Friday, June 29th, 2012 AT 10:21 PM

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To make sure for yourself you should pull the trouble codes on your own and see what it is. Any Advance Auto or Auto Zone will do this for free.
If it is a misfire it will say just that. As far as a wire burning out over again, if it is the same wire that is important to find out, there is some arcing problem somewhere which would be tough to explain as the wires are well insulated. I would suspect something with the coil if it is not the same plug wire that has melted if that is what happened. Of course the wire melting is a heat issue and if that is the case and you do not find signs of arcing near the coil, black marks or and exposed wire, then I would get some wire shields from a performance parts retailer. If you need a reliable retailer you can go to www. Carrepairlinks. Com for a listing of links to reputable retailers that also offers an exclusive discount for using the link on the site.
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Friday, June 29th, 2012 AT 10:33 PM

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