What would be the first place to check with a no crank condition?

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Car parked less than a month ago. Batt known to be bad (showed shorted cell) and was removed. To ready for impending rain new batt was installed so power windows could be rolled up. Before raising windows, car was cranked over and started. Car was run for approximately 1 minute. No dash condition lamps lite and no other warning indicators noticed. Car was shut off and windows were raised less than 15 minutes later. Windows were dry and raised slowly. The last seemed to raise particularly slow and pulled noticeable load dimming int. Lamp. All windows closed fully. I then tried to turn engine over and had no crank. The only indication ignition was turned to start position was feel of return spring at key. No noticeable relay/solenoid sound. No noticeable draw on power.

I have experience in auto repair. This experience was over 30 years ago when employed at Mazda/Subaru dealership as service writer/ alinement rack/ wheel and break service.

My question is are there any indication from details that would suggest fuse-able link failure, or is there any reason to associate the no crank condition with the raising of the windows? As far as I can see (though no time spent yet), there are no other elct. Power problem. Batt was fully charged out of car and replaced with no change.

Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

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Monday, September 26th, 2011 AT 3:32 AM

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Try another key, the chip may be bad triggering the security system


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Monday, September 26th, 2011 AT 3:34 AM

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