I have a 1990 VW Jetta carta

  • 91,557 MILES

I have a 1990 vw jetta carta. I had a new air compress install by a car repair shop. The story they told me. Is that they put the air compress on the car and the other thing you are suppose to change. Than they started the car and turn on the a/c, and the a/c worked good . They said it work good for about 1 hour and than stop working again. But it will not even come on. The car fan is suppose to run to when the a/c is on. But the fan will not come on when you turn the a/c on. But if you drive the car and not have the a/c on the fan comes on like it is suppose to and keeps the car from over heating. So why will the a/c and the fan not work now. James

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 AT 5:44 AM

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