I have a 1990 cutless Ciera that my dad and I.

  • 155,000 MILES
I have a 1990 cutless ciera that my dad and i have recently done some reconstructive welding on.

the only wire's any where near the site where we were welding is the fuel pump wire harness which travels down the driver side threw the trunk and down by the rear bumper and travels back to the fuel pump. The fuel pump is new as is the gas tang we did not burn any wires and the fusible link up by the relays still has power. my situation is as follows, i have no power to about half of my fuse box in the glove compartment nor in the rear of the car at the fuel pump plug. Looking at a wire diagram for an 87 cutless ciera, simply because it identically resembles the relay lay out i went threw and checked the relay fusible link which tested good and receiving power. I have no idea where what else to check from here as it appears to me that there is something wrong between the dashboard and the relay fusible link OR a bad ground. i have no wire diagram to identify where the ground wires are located but i can verify that the car does crank over, how ever no fuel can be seen being injected into the throttle body while doing so, obviously because there is no power to the fuel pump.

What else should i check? i have even checked the 2 fusible links under the glove compartment....and seeing as how we didnt do any thing wire involved im really starting to think that we some how jarred a ground wire some place along the line causing this issue because of the age of the car and the reason for the reconstructive welding was due to rust.

further more this is the diagram I used to locate the fusible link by the relays switches:
i see that the fusible link i checked is labeled as fusible link A is there another some where in the dashboard or elsewhere? I would also like to note that the particular engine in this car is a 4 cylinder as while i have been searching for wire diagrams I seem to find mostly 6 cylinder diagrams
Sunday, January 20th, 2013 AT 4:24 PM

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Check the three in the pics i've sentalso if only a strand of wire is connected replace them.
Was this
Sunday, January 20th, 2013 AT 4:38 PM

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